Karen Marie Moning’s second novel in her Fever series, Bloodfever, was filled with intense roller-coaster action.  Mac is still trying to get her revenge on her sister’s murderer, as well as trying to save the human world from being encompassed by the Fae world-no easy task.  This has come  at no small price for Mac.  She has had to give up the girl she once was, and embrace the ruthless creature that has been lying dormant inside her, not to mention having to stay in a foreign country that is far from her remaining family.

I really liked this book.  Mac finally stopped being the pretty-in-pink shallow girl and grew up a bit.  In fact I am really excited to see how Moning continues to develop Mac’s character.  There was also a lot more action in the book to keep  you completely engaged in the story.  Every time you thought the story was going to quiet down, Moning reeled you  back in with a new twist to the plot.  We are also starting to learn more about  faeries as well as all of the major players involved in the hunt for the infamous book.  Creating a complicated web that Mac is going to have to navigate through.  All and all, a fun read that has me excited to start book three.


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