Poison Flower

Wow!  Thomas Perry sure didn’t disappoint his readers with his newest novel Poison Flower.  This is the latest in the Jane Whitefield series, and perhaps the most intense.  Jane has been kidnapped by some nasty men and they have no problem doing whatever it takes to get Jane to confess where her latest client is.  Of course, Jane would rather die than reveal the where-abouts of someone she has helped escape.  Soon her kidnappers decided to sell her to the highest bidder, and wouldn’t you know all of the worst-of-the-worst from previous books are there to purchase Jane.

This book  had moments where I held my breath until I was able to get through to finding out how Jane was doing.  Perry always does a great job with his descriptions and details.  It is easy to get swept up into his books, even when they are scary.  I also love his character Jane.  Now that we are seven books in, I really feel like I  know Jane.  She has become so well developed over the series and I loved learning about her heritage.  If you haven’t read this series you must.  It has excitement, a great plot, and as I have previously mentioned a fabulous main character.

Thomas Perry will be attending the Tucson Festival of Books March 10th and 11th.  He will be joining us in our booth (#129/#130) Saturday March 10th at 3:30 PM.  Be sure to stop at the booth and have his latest book autographed.  (The Poison Flower will be released on March 6th-just in time for the festival.)


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