No Mark Upon Her

Deborah Crombie’s latest novel, No Mark Upon Her, featuring Scotland Yard superintendent Duncan Kincaid is sure to leave readers on the edge of their seats.  Kincaid is called in to help solve the mystery of a murdered girl found in the river.  He soon learns that the girl was an Olympic contender and a police detective with the Met, all of which raises even more issues in this complicated case.  This case will push Kincaid to his limits.  His job is on the line, not to mention the reputation of Scotland Yard, and of course he is fighting to stay ahead of the murderer in order to stay alive.

Crombie has done such a marvelous job with her characters’ development.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the growth, and mistakes, of the characters over the entire series.  Crombie is such a detailed writer.  Her atmosphere makes it easy to picture yourself in England and helps pull you even further into the mystery.   She has such a nice balance with her writing to make the book realistic while still censuring out of few of the more grotesque details.  This novel was filled with suspense, and is so well written that it will leave you feeling satisfied.


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