Second Perimeter

Second Perimeter is the second book featuring Joe DeMarco by Mike Lawson and what a riveting read.  I was completely glued to the book.  The Secretary of the Navy’s nephew believes he has uncovered coworkers committing fraud and wants his uncle to start an investigation.  The Secretary is skeptical and decides to ask Joe’s boss to check things out before launching an official government investigation.  Joe takes off to start his work and Emma decides to join him.  Before long the two are knee deep in a much larger crime than fraud, and things are beginning to escalate when the criminals take a personal interest in Emma.

This book is full of suspense and surprises creating an edge of your seat read.  Lawson did such a great job of keeping me guessing all the way to the end.   He incorporates all kinds of details making the story totally realistic.  I found myself completely absorbed by the information on the Navy and national security, not to mention all of the intricate plot twists.  If you need a new thriller novel, be sure to start the Joe DeMarco series.

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