The Language of Flowers

Vanessa Diffenbaugh’s novel The Language of Flowers  is a powerful tale about one girl’s ability to help herself and others through flowers.  Victoria grew up in foster care, which at the best of times was isolating and filled with deceit.  At the age of eighteen, Victoria was emancipated from the system but found herself  alone and lacking in job skills.  The one thing that Victoria did have was a knowledge of flowers and what emotions they elicit.  Victoria was able to get a job at a flower shop where she helped people convey the correct meaning of emotions with their bouquets.

This is such a wonderful story that it will leave you craving more tidbits on flowers’ meanings.  Thankfully, Diffenbaugh does include Victoria’s dictionary on the meaning of the flowers.  Victoria is such a strong character who is determined to succeed even when everyone else failed her.  There are many things that she has to overcome and there are touching moments that will compel you to keep reading.  One of my favorite aspects of this book, is the way Victoria’s story seamlessly travels between the past and present .  This was such an engaging way to tell the tale.  Diffenbaugh’s debut novel is a captivating  story about leaning from the past and finding love in the present.

Join us on Wednesday July 11th at 7 PM for our book discussion on this book.


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