Elin Hilderbrand’s newest novel Summerland is yet another wonderful tale of love and loss set in Nantucket.  The summer is looking perfect for Zoe.  Her twins, Hobson and Penny, will be seniors next year, work is going well, and everyone is excited for a summer of food and sun.  But then everything suddenly changes when Penny and Hobby, along with classmates Demeter and Jake, are in a terrible car accident that leaves Hobby in a coma and Penny dead.    Zoe is completely overwhelmed with the loss of her only daughter and coming to terms with a different future for her son.  Now Zoe and the people on the small island of Nantucket have to overcome the grief of loosing one bright and promising child, and the sidelining of their all-star player.

Hilderbrand does such a great job of creating and developing her characters.  You find yourself cheering everyone on and then  feeling devastated when something doesn’t workout for one of the characters.  She has the perfect balance of drama and happiness, and it was a mesmerizing tale.  I love how much Hilderbrand describes food in all of her novels.  Everything that her characters eat sound simply amazing and so appropriate for an island getaway.  Her books are the ideal summer escape.


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