The Edge of Nowhere

The Edge of Nowhere is Elizabeth George’s first young adult novel and what a remarkable debut.  This book is sure to have you on the edge of your seat the entire way through.  Becca’s ability to hear some of other people’s thoughts has put her and her mother at risk from her step-father since she learned about his criminal activity.  The plan was that her mother would go to Canada and get a safe house ready while Becca stayed with friends, except that her mother’s friend is gone.  Now alone, Becca has to find a way to disguise herself and stay  hidden from her step-father on the small island of Whidbey.

What a captivating novel.  There is so much tension while Becca attempts to stay hidden from her step-father and others that I found myself unable to stop reading – I had to know what was going to happen.  Becca is a great character.  She is strong and determined and surprisingly resourceful.  It was easy to like and cheer her on.  The writing was great and the story has a little bit of mystery, romance, paranormal, and tons of suspense.  This is a great beginning to a promising new series.

Release date:  September 4th 2012


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