A Wanted Man

The latest Jack Reacher novel, A Wanted Man, is sure to please fans. Jack Reacher is trying to find a ride to Virginia and ends up in a car with two men and a very nervous woman.   Several miles behind them lies a dead body who looks to have been professionally killed.  It doesn’t take long for the FBI to enter the scene and for Reacher to realize that he is knee deep in a murder conspiracy.

Wow!  Child has such gripping novels that I find myself unable to stop reading until the very last word.  He does an amazing job of putting you right into Reacher’s head and showing you how he thinks.  Often Reacher is thinking about a statistic or probability but then he could also be thinking about the best way to disarm an opponent. I really enjoyed how Reacher is starting to ponder his own mortality.  I think this is the first time he has ever admitted that he might not survive and is actually aging.  We often forget that Reacher is really just a man and not immortal.  What a great thriller!


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