The Last Little Blue Envelope

Maureen Johnson’s novel The Last Little Blue Envelope is such a wonderful conclusion to 13 Little Blue Envelopes.  When we left Ginny on the first book,  her backpack with the final envelope had been stolen and she was left not knowing the end to her aunt’s adventure.  But then out of the blue, she gets a mysterious email from a boy in London who found her backpack with the envelope.  Oliver has agreed to give Ginny  the bag back on the condition that she takes him with her to find the artwork described in the letter and split the profits with him.  Ginny doesn’t love this idea, but she has to finish the adventure and reluctantly agrees to his terms.  She also decides to bring along Keith and his girlfriend, Ellis.  Now the four take off to travel around in search of the three paintings and to finish the adventure that Ginny’s aunt had wanted her to take.

It was so much fun to watch Ginny grow-up and go on another trip.  I also loved that we didn’t get much information on Oliver until the very end of the story.  His back-story was so nicely hidden and then revealed that it just made the end that much better.  This is such a nice series for young teens with the perfect amount of drama, but not overly mature for the younger reader.


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