Watching the Dark

Peter Robinson’s new book Watching The Dark was fabulous. I have loved inspector Banks since the first book and have enjoyed his evolution throughout the years.  Detective Inspector Bill Reid is murdered at the St Peter’s Police Treatment Center, thus  creating a sensitive case for Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks.  To make things even more challenging an Inspector from Professional Standards is assigned to the case to keep an eye on Bank’s investigation.  As he continues to look into the officer’s death, he realizes this case is linked to a cold case involving the disappearance of an English girl in Estonia.  Meanwhile, his college Detective Inspector Annie Cabot uncovers a labor scam involving corrupt bureaucrats that is somehow linked to Bank’s case.

As previously mentioned, this was fabulous.  I loved all of the police procedures and the details of opening an old case.  It was interesting to read a story that highlights the choices a young cop makes and how that effects his life years later.  I also really liked all of the different cultures in this story.  I learned so much about Estonia.  I was completely immersed in this book and couldn’t put it down till the very end.  This is an excellent British mystery series.  If you are looking for other series similar to Robinson’s style, try a Deborah Crombie or Stuart MacBride mystery novel.

This book will be released January 8th 2013, be sure to pre-order your copy from today.

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