Flight Behaviour

Barbara Kingsolver’s newest novel Flight Behavior was a wonderful and compelling novel about migrating butterflies.  Dellarobia has decided to accept that she has an unsatisfying life on a failing farm.  It seems her only joy comes from her flirtation with a younger man.  As she heads out for their secret tryst in the  mountain she stumbles across what appears to be a large forest fire.  This discovery soon brings  journalist, scientists, religious leaders, opportunists  and your average sightseers to her small community.

Kingsolver did such an amazing job with her writing and characters.  I was instantly swept away to rural Tennessee and immersed in the life of her characters.  She did such a fantastic job of creating her character’s life that I was unable to stop reading while simultaneously  not wanting the book to end.  Kingsovler brings up many topics that we can relate to in our world today.  Things like climate change, recycling, education, and our buying habits.  However she does this in such a manner that you don’t feel like you are being lecture to, it really is just a part of the story.  I have been an avid Kingsolver reader and I think that this is my favorite book of hers.  It was just so memorable and leaves you saying “Wow”.


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