Notorious Nineteen

I love this series. It’s witty, funny and I just can’t imagine all the circumstances that Stephanie Plum gets into being a bounty hunter. Evanovich does a great job of keeping the story interesting and at the same time keeping the familiar. Yes, we know that one or more of Stephanie’s cars will blow up or catch fire. We know that she and Lula will get into some sort of not-right-with-the-law predicament. Grandma will cause issues at a funeral. This is what we expect, and love, in an Evanovich novel.

We also know that she will not settle for either of the two men in her life: Joe Morelli, one of Trenton’s finest cops, or Ranger, one of Trenton’s finest. Frankly, I think she has the best of both worlds with them and maybe she shouldn’t choose.
In this book, Stephanie has to find Geoffrey Cubbin who had been arrested after embezzling five million dollars from the residents in the retirement home where he worked. Grandma helps by going undercover…and insanity ensues.

You will enjoy this book for relaxing, light entertainment and laughing out loud at all the dysfunctional situations. I did.

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