Between by Jessica Warman is a chilling ghost tale about one girl’s desire to uncover the truth of her death.  After discovering her own deceased body, Liz sets out to reveal the events that led up to her drowning.  This task has been made even more challenging since the majority of her memories have been suppressed.  With the help of Alex, a classmate who died in a hit and run accident the previous year, the two attempt to access her memories.  The journey proves to be difficult at best as Liz watches herself in her memories.

This novel was incredible!  I loved watching Liz relive her life and slowly uncover the reason for her death. The mystery surrounding the teens’ death was compelling, making it hard to walk away. Warman did a great job of showing the ugly side of being the most popular girl in high school and how one single event can change everything about you.  Her characters were engaging and developed; you both hated the person Liz was and felt compassion for her.  While the ending was predictable it was also very satisfying.  This is one of the best contemporary ghost stories for teens and highly recommended for fans of Jay Asher and Lauren Olivia.

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