Anna Dressed In Blood

What a fantastic ghost story filled with horror, revenge, grief, all mixed in with compassion, friendship, and love.  Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake is the story of a teen boy, Cas, whose sole mission in life is to destroy ghosts who are reeking havoc on people.  His job has him traveling all of the time, making it very difficult to have friends and a normal life.  Of course, other people tend to make his job harder by trying to help, so it really works best that he is alone.  Everything is great until Cas decides to destroy the infamous Anna Dressed in Blood.  For some reason this ghost is different,  in fact this town is different.  Suddenly Cas’ cover stories are being dissected and more people are getting involved in his ghost hunting, making his task even harder.

Blake did such a incredible  job creating the horror atmosphere.  You could really visualize how scary Anna would be with her blood dripping dress and dark veins.  I also thought it was great how Cas kept thinking the house was  alive.  This just made the scenes a little creepier and fun to read.  Blake did a good job of balancing the horror with the humor.  Her characters were constantly lightning the mood with sarcastic comments and off-handed teenager remarks.  I really liked the concept of the book and was happy to read something dark that didn’t involve angels or vampires.  I am looking forward to the sequel, Girl Of Nightmares,  but at the same time I am wondering where the story will go next.


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