Raven Boys

Maggie Stiefvater’s newest novel Raven Boys is the start of a new series featuring a psychic’s daughter Blue and a handful of the Aglionby private boarding school  students, commonly known as Raven boys.  Blue herself has no psychic abilities  even though everyone else in her life does.  She has been told that she has the rare gift of supercharging a psychic’s sight, but truthfully finds this to be a dull talent.  Her whole life she has grown up trying to stay away from the Raven boys.  They are nothing but spoiled brats temporarily residing in her small town.  Well, that’s one reason.  The other reason is that for years her mom and her mom’s friends have told her that her first true love will die if she kisses him.  That kind of makes it even more important that she stays away from them, which is fine until she meets Gansey and his posse.   Now she finds herself drawn into his quest to discover a long lost king with all the challenges and heartache that comes along with it.

This was a great book!  I especially loved all of the repeated raven references.  You really can’t get away from that bird, whether it be the boys’ school, their pet, or the missing Welsh king himself, the raven is everywhere.  I thought Stiefvater took a unique approach to her book by giving none of the main characters any magical powers – or at least none that we know.  Instead the focus is looking for a ley line, which holds all of the magical powers.  It was fun and easy to relate to the teens searching for magic instead of learning to use magic.  The characters are charming, developed, and sure to keep getting better as the series progresses.   And how can you not love a book that uses the phrase, “top shelf” in non-joking fashion from a teen character – what a fantastic use of language.  If you are looking for a paranormal book that isn’t the typical vampire or angel theme, then pick-up Maggie Stiefvater’s Raven Boys.  You are sure to like it and want more.


One comment on “Raven Boys

  1. Nancy Knotts says:

    Just finished reading this. Excellent book!!!

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