American Sniper

Chris Kyle’s American Sniper:  The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History is an incredibly compelling read about war and the military lifestyle.  Kyle’s often said that his life was God, family, then country, but his continuous re-enlisting  led to a permanent career in the military and less time with his family.  In fact, he often found it hard and stressful to be in normal civilization instead of a war environment.   Once he became a Navy Seal, his life quickly turned from typical American to a battle-harden warrior.  Violence just became a part of life.  Everything became about fight or flight.

Reading this book really put some people’s military life into perspective.  If you train to fight day after day, you are going to fight.    I was horrified by the nonchalant violence that occurred throughout the book, but  at the same time I understood how this became ingrained into their lives.  It was also easier to understand why so many veterans have post-traumatic stress disorder.  That being said, this was a fascinating read.  I enjoyed that it was not only from Kyle’s perspective but his wife’s.  Both viewpoints give you a more complete look at life in the military and how it effects everyone.  This is a read that will stay with you  making you think about war and the culture behind it.

Join us on May 1st at 7 PM for our non-fiction book club where we will be discussing American Sniper in more detail.  Everyone is welcome to attend.


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