This Lullaby

Sarah Dessen writes amazing young adult novels that often have bigger issues resting right under the surface of the plot.  Her characters are  fabulous and easy to get attached too.  This Lullaby is the story of Remy and her reluctance to fall in love.  She has watched for years as her mother moves from one husband to another and learned that the best way to be in  a relationship is to move on before things become too serious.  And this is exactly how she lives her life.  She goes to parties, hangs out with her girlfriends, and dates boys.  That is until she meets Dexter.  Now all of her dating discipline is being tested and she may not have the ability to avoid love any longer.

Dessen creates characters that are rich with emotion.  They are smart, funny and show how life can make you very vulnerable.  I really liked Remy in this story.  She had to grow up fast and learn how to become the adult in her family, which made her  much stronger and tougher.  She quickly learned how to keep her emotions in check but somehow managed to keep some of the wildness in her life.  I really liked how Dessen paralleled the grown-up relationships with young adult relationships.  It was interesting to see the dilemmas of trying to be a grown up when you aren’t quite ready.  This was a great book that examines the dynamics of friends and families and all of the emotional landmines that comes with growing up.


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