Sweet Evil

Wendy Higgins’ debut novel Sweet Evil is an exciting new look at angels and demons.  Anna has always known that she is different from other kids.  Her senses are supercharged and she has the unique ability to see and feel people’s emotions.  She always assumed that she was alone with this ability, that is until she meets Kaidan.  Now she is discovering that her heritage is not the typical teen story.  Her father is a fallen angel, or demon, and her mother is an angel.  The fact that she was born from theses two conflicting types of angels is completely unheard of.  Not only is she learning about her parents, but she is also learning that due to her father’s betrayal she is expected to do the work of Lucifer.  Now she has to learn to deal with her ever changing emotions towards Kaidan while she tries to avoid working as a demon.

I was a little skeptical when I started reading this book.  I was afraid that the seven deadly sins theme would be too trite and cheesy, but Higgins did an incredible job with it.  The offspring of the demons are all very interesting characters and even though they each represent a specific sin or vice their characters are developed enough that you want to learn more about them.  There was never a time when I thought they were one dimensional or limited due to their “sin label”.  Higgins did a great job showing Anna as a very naive teen who has to quickly grow-up and learn the harsh realities of life.  I am really excited to see how the story progresses.  I finished the book and immediately had to get book two, Sweet Peril, which luckily was just released.  If you enjoy reading about fallen angels, this would be a great series to read next.


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