Widow Waltz

Sally Koslow’s novel The Widow Waltz is a great read that really looks at family relationships and the support that can be drawn from each other.  Georgia Waltz has the perfect life in New York city with her attorney husband and two daughters.  One of her daughters is living abroad in Paris and the other is attending Stanford.  Everything seems to be in order for the Waltz family, but everything changes after her husband suddenly dies from a heart attack.  This alone is  enough to put the family in turmoil, but soon they discover that there is no money, their New York apartment and the beach house in the Hamptons are mortgaged to the hilt  and they have no idea what Ben did with all of their money.  Forced to change her life completely, Georgia sets out to find a way to support her daughters while trying to  discover her late husband’s secrets.

I really like this novel.  Koslow’s  characters are transformed by the end of the novel, not only individually but in their relationships with each other.   It was encouraging to see how everyone learns to adapt, even if reluctantly, and becomes a family again.  This is a great summer read when you are ready to sit back and escape your daily life for a few hours.

The Widow Waltz will be on sale June 13th so pre-order today.


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