I’ve Got Your Number

What I love about reading a Sophie Kinsella novel is that I know it will be funny, witty, and a nice escape read.  Her latest paperback novel I’ve Got Your Number was exactly what I was looking for to break up all the dystopian novels that I have been reading.  Poppy recently got engaged to a fabulous guy who seems to have it all.  He is incredibly smart and comes from a family of academic scholars.  He even proposed with a special family ring.  The downside is that Magnus’ parents seem to think Poppy isn’t right for their son.  So needless to say, Poppy finds herself often tongue-tied and awkward around his family.  To make matters worse, she lost the priceless heirloom ring.  Now she is in a panic to find the ring before Magnus and his family finds out.  To complicate matters, someone steals her phone – which is the one place where someone would contact her if they find her ring.  But things start to look up when she comes across an abandoned cell phone in a garbage can.  Poppy instantly snatches up the phone and suddenly meets Sam.  Well, by meet I should say answers a call from Sam.  Thus ensues an amusing new tale of how phones can bring people together.

Kinsella often starts out with shallow characters who are only focused on their superficial belongings, but then some event leads them to realize that there is more to life and themselves than they thought.  I always enjoy watching her characters grow and develop through the story.  My favorite part about this book is all of the  texts between Poppy and Sam.  Not only were then texts often funny, but it is amazing how much more honest they are with each other.  It was also interesting to see how they tended to know each other better through their texts than their actual friends.  I’ve Got Your Number is a droll novel that will have you giggling and smiling throughout.


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