Still Life

Louise Penny is an extraordinary mystery writer.  If you haven’t read one of her books,  you really need too.  Her descriptions are fantastic.  The instant you pick up her book you are transported to a small town in Canada and immersed into the town drama.  Her characters are gripping and so well developed;  you feel their suffering and their joy.  Still Life is the first book in Penny’s series.  Jane Neal has been found dead in the woods outside the small town of Three Pines.  Inspector Armand Gamache is called in to investigate the death.  He suspects that her death is not an accident as everyone assumes, but in fact something far more sinister.

Penny really uses her titles in amazing ways.  In Still Life Penny not only  discusses this term in an artistic way, but also in regards to the stagnate life of the town people who have  become stuck in their ways.  She also uses this term in the very literal sense of “still being alive”.  The characters survive no matter what obstacle presents itself.  I love how she played with the title throughout the novel.  One of my favorite things about reading is learning something new, and Penny delivers time and again. I really enjoyed the history of the Quebec and the Revolutionary war, specifically between the English and the French. I just started reading this series, and I can’t get enough of it.  Thankfully there are already eight books available and the  ninth one comes out the end of August.

As a side note, Tricia and Jody had the pleasure of meeting Louise Penny at this years BookExpo and she was as wonderful as her books.  She has a dynamic personality and is such a charming individual.


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