The 5th Wave

Rick Yancey’s newest novel The 5th Wave is an exciting new dystopian novel with an alien twist.  Earth has been invaded by aliens and they have started to kill off all of the humans.  The aliens have turned off all of the power, leaving the world unable to escape let alone turn on a light.  And this was merely the beginning.  Cassie has already survived four waves of destruction brought on by the aliens.  Her family has left their city in hopes of finding safety, but instead Cassie is left alone searching for her missing brother who has been  taken by soldiers claiming to be with the United States military.   Cassie realizes that the fifth wave has started and the aliens are pretending to be human, meaning the enemy could be anyone that she meets.  She knows that the only way to stay alive is to trust no one.  Her plan works great until she meets Evan, and then the desire to be alone is gone, replaced by the longing to have someone to talk to.  The question remains, can she trust him to help her find her brother?

Yancey does a great job of keeping you guessing who is an alien and who isn’t the entire time.  He creates a gripping atmosphere that pulls his readers right into the story.  You feel like you are right there with the characters.  Not only can you visualize the wasted planet, but you can feel the tension between all of the characters.  I think I am just as nervous with meeting the new characters as Cassie is.  I enjoyed Cassie’s sarcastic and droll nature.  She is often darkly funny even when things are looking really bad.   I think this was a great way of showing Cassie’s way of staying sane.  She tries to have hope, but after everything that she has been through it is difficult to always be positive.  So instead she becomes sarcastic.  This is a great start to a new series.  I finished the book and wanted the sequel immediately.  The aliens are also a nice twist to the traditional dystopian novel, civilization is crumbling but not because of humans.


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