Hysteria by Megan Miranda is a gripping psychological YA read that is sure to capture your attention and refuse to let go.  In one tragic instant everything changes for Mallory.  Accused of murdering her boyfriend, Mallory is forced to leave her hometown and go to boarding school to flee the anger of the community.  But even miles away from the crime, Mallory is unable to escape.  Someone is breaking into her dorm room and following her around campus.  She is also waking up with markings on her shoulder.  Needless to say, Mallory is afraid to get close to anyone and is feeling scared of the nights.

I loved this book!  Miranda captures the guilt and panic, dare I say hysteria,  that comes after a self-defense death perfectly.  My favorite part about this book was the way the memories of that one night kept creeping back into Mallory’s mind.  It made the story so much more suspenseful as we slowly learned about what really happened.  Although, Miranda did a great job of keeping you interested  in Mallory’s present life as well.  I had to know what was going on in the school that is filled with secrets and lies.  This story is filled with plot turns and a quick reading pace that will keep you fully engaged in the tale.  If you are looking for a new YA read, this would be an excellent choice.


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