Looking For Alaska

I know that we have reviewed several of John Green’s novels before, but they are truly incredible YA reads.  His first book Looking For Alaska is the story about Miles, or Pudge as they call him, moving to Alabama to attend boarding school.  He felt that the only way to find his ” Great Perhaps” is to leave home and embark on a new adventure.  Once at school, he meets the Colonel and Alaska, who are both ready to shake up Pudge’s dull life.

This was a great debut novel for John Green.  It is no wonder he won the Printz Award for this book.  Green captured Alabama life perfectly.  I could feel the heat of summer and then in winter I could feel the frozen grass.  His characters are so genuine and complex.  They seem like real teenagers struggling with all the issues that come with growing up, drugs, drinking, and yes even the decision to have or to not have sex.  Green didn’t sugar coat the characters or their life decisions, he simple told a story about life.  I recommend his book not only to teens but also adults; his books always have amazing characters who tackle life head-on.


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