How the Light Gets In

In Louise Penny’s novel How the Light Gets In things are still unsettled for Inspector Gamache.  Most of his star detectives have left the department and he still hasn’t spoken to his old friend  Jean-Guy Beauvoir.  Needless to say, he is thrilled to leave the city behind and investigate a report of a missing person  from Three Pines.  Gamache  knows bigger plots are afoot and he begins to question if there is anywhere for him and his loyal detectives to find safety.

Louise Penny’s latest novel How the Light Gets In was wonderful!  I have been in love with this series since Still Life and even after eight other books Penny still surprises me with her ending.  I love reading a mystery that has me guessing who-dun-nit until the very end and Penny does this each and every time.  Her writing is rich and filled with beautiful descriptions of village life.  I love escaping to the snowy north and catching up with my favorite characters.  This is a must read series for anyone searching for a new psychological murder mystery that also has fabulous characters.


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