The Panther

I have loved Nelson DeMille’s novels since I read Charm School.  His writing is so intense and detailed that once I start a novel I find myself unable to do anything else.  The Panther is the latest novel featuring John Corey and his wife Kate Mayfield, and it was incredible!  The two are being hunted by an American terrorist known as the Panther and are sent to Yemen to track him down and bring him in. Of course what the two don’t know (although John suspects), is that there are many more sinister plots afoot and they are the bait to bring it all together.

I really enjoy the relationship between John and Kate.  DeMille keeps developing the dynamics between the two.  I especially like the wit and sarcasm between the characters.  I find the amount of information that is included in his books to be incredible.  He is so great at detailing cultures and traditions when his books are set in another country.  Not only do I feel like I am transported there, but I feel like I learn a great deal about the place.  Demille creates plots that are complicated and captivating.  I am continually guessing as to what will happen next and am often surprised by how things change.  I love not being able to put his books down until the very end.  He is a must read for any mystery or thriller fan.

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