Reconstructing Amelia

I was instantly intrigued by Kimberly McCreight’s Reconstructing Amelia and I was not disappointed with the complex story and writing.  Kate Baron gets news that no parent ever wants to hear.  Her daughter has jumped from her private school roof and has died.  Ruled a suicide by the local police, Kate spirals down into her grief not wanting to believe that her bright and happy Amelia could have really jumped.  A month after daughter’s death Kate receives a mysterious text telling her that Amelia didn’t jump.  Fueled by this new tip Kate convinces the police to re-open her daughter’s case and thus begins the reconstructing of Amelia in order to discover what really happened on the roof.

McCreight did a great job of telling the story in the present with Kate and telling the past with Amelia. You became really attached to each character as you piece together the mystery of what happened.  I also love that she included texts and FaceBook posts to help create an authentic voice for her characters.  I was completely lost in this book and couldn’t stop until the last word, and then it was bittersweet knowing about her death and still wanting more of the story.  I think this book is great for anyone who is looking for an adult novel similar to the Gossip Girls novels.  It has all of the catty girls, the elite private school drama, but has a more mature voice telling the story.


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