Marie Lu’s Champion is the final book in the intense and amazing Legend trilogy.  June and Day have both decided to go their separate ways after risking everything to establish a peaceful co-existence between the Republic, the Patriots, and the Colonies.  June is training to become an adviser to the Elector and Day has been given all of the luxuries that he never had before.  Just as the final treaty is being drawn up between the Republic and the Colonies a plague is released in the Colonies’ cities convincing them that a treaty is unacceptable.  Now June and Day are again asked to sacrifice everything dear to them in order to keep their country safe.

Lu has such an amazing talent for drawing you right into her stories with suspense, drama, and action.  Her writing is  so descriptive that you feel like you are right in the thick of it all, which is great as long as you have nothing else planned for the day.  I have become so attached to June and Day.  Lu really knows how to create lifelike and engaging characters.  You feel every emotion that they go through and find yourself cheering them on.  I am always sad to reach the end of Lu’s books, I need more time with Day and June!   Several of us in the store are in denial that this is the end of the series since we love the characters so much.  I realize that dystopians are all the rage these days, and that perhaps many of us are starting to burn out on them, but this is a must read series.  It is easily one of my top five favorite dystopians.  And even better, now that all three are out you can read them all at once – which you will want to do as soon as you finish book one.

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