Road Rash

Road Rash by Mark Huntley Parsons is a fantastic contemporary young adult novel.  Anyone looking for witty characters with engaging dialogue and a fun story should read this book.  Zach is ready to rock his way through summer with his band, and best of all they have a steady local venue where they will get paid to play.  It seems great until his band  kicks him out, leaving him without his best friend and a summer filled with manual labor.  Thankfully Kimber, his ex-best friend’s younger sister, has been surprisingly supportive and nice.  She keeps telling him that he is a great drummer and things will turn around, and she could be right.  The towns best local band wants him to be their new drummer and tour the northern Rockies playing shows all summer.  This could be the best summer yet!

I loved this book!   Zach was an entertaining character who you instantly become attached to.  The interactions between characters are fantastic.  He and Kimber are adorable and a fresh new love story to read about.  I also love how mature Zach is.  He is wise beyond his years, which is great because everyone else needed someone who is stable to make things work.  I am not a fan of rock star books, but Parsons made even a reluctant music fan fall in love with his story.  He uses enough drummer jargon to make you believe Zach, but not too much to overwhelm the reader.  This is my staff pick for the month of April and it is sure to win over anyone who reads it.


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