The Minimalism

Minimalism:  Live a Meaningful Life  by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus is a fantastic book for people looking to live with more purpose.  Their philosophy is to remove the excess “stuff” in your life and live with greater intent.  This book is about their personal journeys to find their happiness and become a minimalist.  It was interesting to see how they both came to this discovery independently.  I really liked that both Millburn and Nicodemus told their stories very directly and with little preaching.  It was truly just about what was right for them.   They each felt that in order to be happy they had to de-clutter and de-stress their lives, even if this meant giving up money and possessions.  They completely changed the way they were living by changing their shopping habits and only living with things that were absolutely necessary.  This concept may fly in the face of our consumer driven society, but what a great message to learn.   I finished the book rethinking my need for material things (books do not count as material things) and putting more emphasis on people.

I am looking forward to reading their second book, Everything That Remains and hearing about what happens after the “stuff” is cleaned up and the focus has moved to  relationships,  service and doing rather than buying.




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