Sleep No More

Sleep No More by Aprilynne Pike is a haunting story of one girl trying to take down a serial killer. Charlotte has a secret, she is an Oracle who has visions about the future.  Of course this sounds much cooler than it really is since she is not allowed to tell anyone, she can’t change the future, or really even watch the vision.  In fact most of her life is spent fighting off her visions until she has one that she can’t ignore.  It is so overwhelming that she watches it and sees the death of a classmate.  And then it happens again and again.  Before long she realizes that the murders are being committed by a serial killer and she can no longer sit back and watch the future happen, she needs to act.


I have read several of Aprilynne Pike’s novels and I have to say this is one of my favorites.  It was much edgier and darker than her other YA novels and I found myself picking it up every spare moment.  I had to know who the killer was and how Charlotte was going to stop the murders.  I found Pike’s story to be fresh and original.  I like that the Oracles are not supposed to use their gifts.  I felt like this gave a whole new perspective to what we thought we knew about Oracles .  I am completely intrigued by the Sisters of Delphi and all of the Oracles powers.  I feel like her aunt and the Sisters are hiding something big.  I love that Charlotte decided to experiment with her gift.  You could say her defiance was typical teen rebellion, but I think Charlotte is much more thoughtful than that and is looking for the best use of her gift. I am really anxious to keep reading this series.  I feel like we have just touched on Charlotte’s true strength.  Book two,  Sleep of Death, is out only as an eBook edition (including KOBO ), although I am hoping it comes out as hardback so I can get it signed someday.

Aprilynne Pike will be at Mostly Books for a book talk and signing on August 9th from 3:30 – 5:00 PM.

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