Inferno by Dan Brown is the latest novel featuring Professor Robert Langdon and it was spine-tingling good.  Langdon wakes up in a Florence hospital with no memory of leaving Harvard two days prior, but he does find a strange object tucked away in his belongings. Thus begins an exciting mystery that leads us deep into the symbolism of Dante’s Inferno as Langdon attempts to discover what happened during the missing two days and why trained assassins are trying to kill him.  Luckily he has the help of Dr. Sienna Brooks as he hunts down and pieces the puzzle together.

This book reminded me why I love Dan Brown’s writing.  It is filled with captivating intrigue, page-turning suspense, and of course history and art.  I love all of the historical information and symbolism.  It is such a fascinating subject and Brown makes it fun to read.  Brown brings up many of the double meanings found throughout Dante’s Inferno as well as in the painting that attempt to capture the Inferno. It has been a long time since I read Dante’s Inferno but after reading Brown’s I find myself really wanting to go back and read it.   If you are craving a new thriller that is certain to keep you absorbed until the last sentence, than this would be a great choice.




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