Remains of Innocence

Remains of Innocence is J. A. Jance’s latest novel featuring sheriff Joanna Brady.  Liza’s mother has always been a hoarder and now that she has been hospitalized Liza is trying to empty out the house.  While she is cleaning she comes  across lots of money tucked away in books and begins to thinks her luck is about to change, until an elderly gentleman warns her that she is in danger.   Before long Liza finds herself running for her life to Cochise County.  Joanna is already busy investigating the death of Junior who was found in a cave and now her department is investigating another murder case that involves Liza.

Jance does an amazing job of juggling several complex characters and Joanna continues to get better and better.  Jance never let’s her characters become stagnant but continues to allow them to develop and grow.   It has also been fun to read about Joanna’s kids growing up and all of the family dynamics between the characters.  I also  love the ride she takes us on to uncover the bad guys.  From the the police procedures to the forensics, I am continually impressed with how many twists and turns are involved.   This was a great addition to the Brady series and I am excited for the next one.

Autographed copies are available at the store.  Please call or stop in.


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