Pardonable Lies

I have loved the Maisie Dobb’s series since book one and I think each book just gets better.  I love that we really get know to Maisie and all of her brilliance.  Pardonable Lies is book three in the series.  Maisie is asked to help determine if Ralph Lawton is still alive.  His mother is convinced that he did not perish in the Great War but has found no proof.  Now Maisie must find the strength to uncover the truth.

Winspear has created an amazing detective with Maisie.  Not only does she use deduction to solve her cases she also used psychology.  I am continually impress with how she looks at her cases in such a non-traditional way .   Not only is this a good mystery series, but it has incredible atmosphere.  You really feel like you are in the early 20th century England.  From the women’s clothes to the cars, you can really sense the changing of times and how modern Maisie truly is.  If you like Louise Penny or more psychological mysteries, try a Jacqueline Winspear.


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