I am so excited for Kelley Armstrong’s new Cainsville series.  It is filled with supernatural elements and mysteries.  The first book is entitled Omens. Olivia has grown up in a wealthy family where life has been pretty easy.  She has a great boyfriend, her charity work is going well and life seems great; until everything falls apart and she discovers that she is the daughter of the infamous Larsen serial killers.  Now everything is a mess and all of the people who are supposed to support her are falling by the wayside.  In an effort to find peace, Olivia escapes to the small town of Cainsville and begins to investigate the murders that her birth parent’s allegedly committed.  Although things seem slightly “different” in Cainsville and not just the hidden gargoyles.  To makes things even more interesting, Olivia’s uncontrollable urge to point out omens is escalating and often competently accurate.

I really like the characters and small town atmosphere of this book.  You can feel that there is more to this quaint town then what is being said and I am excited to find out about the supernatural history of Cainsville.  I also love book series that travel around a town letting you get to know everyone, and that is exactly what Armstrong does.  She even includes a chapter here and there from a different character’s perspective so that you see more than just Olivia’s point of view.  It was easy to get swept up in the investigation with Olivia and Gabriel and their peppery relationship.  As much as they hate to admit it, they are becoming friends and work surprisingly well together.  It should be interesting to see how their relationship develops over the series – love interest, maybe. Book two, Visions, comes out on August 19th and I am already counting down the hours.


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