Cryer’s Cross

Lisa McMann’s Cryer’s Cross is a riveting mystery with a fun love triangle twist.  Kendall loves living in her small town in Montana but she is aspiring to go to college in New York.  The only thing that concerns her is leaving her amazing boyfriend behind. Then a tragedy strikes the town and children go missing.  Now everything has changed and Kendall knows she has to put her dreams on hold until she can find her friend.  This means spending time with the one boy she shouldn’t.

The narrative is great, the characters are memorable and the story was scary enough to keep me reading through the night.  In fact it was  so haunting and so addictive that I read it in one sitting.  Aside from a gripping story,  I also found it interesting that the main character struggles with OCD.  McMann did an incredible job of putting you right into her mind and making you see the ups and downs that go along with this syndrome.  This is a young adult book  but it is so well written that everyone will enjoy it.

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