Vampires of Manhattan

We all loved reading about Schuyler Oliver, Jack, Mimi and the rest of the gang in the YA Blue Bloods series by Melissa de La Cruz.  In fact, we were all a little sad when we reached the end of the series because we wanted to know what was going to happen next to the vampires.  Well the wait is over!  Melissa de La Cruz’s latest novel Vampires of Manhattan has us leaping 10 years into the future.  Now all of our favorite characters are in their late twenties and are still trying to find happiness.  Oliver is now running the coven after he was rewarded for his courage by being turned into a vampire.  Jack and Schuyler have retreated to a quieter life in the Napa Valley.   Mimi and Kingsley are finding that ruling the underworld can put a strain on a marriage.  For the most part life has been calm in the coven.  Oliver has big plans for the 10 year anniversary of their victory over Lucifer.  However, not is all well within the coven.  Suspicious murders have been occurring all around New York City and Oliver knows he must find the murderer in order to save the coven.

This was so much  fun to read.  I loved catching up with everyone and seeing how they have matured and changed.  Yet they still remained true to who they were in the old series.  I think the hardest thing to wrap my head around was Oliver as a vampire.   I have mixed emotions on him being a vampire.  I loved that he was finally over Schuyler, but  I missed the carefree boy he once was.  I guess we all have to grow-up sometime though.  I’m really curious to see where this series goes.  I think it is going to continue to be gritty and dark, but I am excited to follow our new and old characters.

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