Unbreakable is the first book in a new series by Beautiful Creatures co-author Kami Garcia. If you are looking for a new ghost story that is haunting and eerie, than this is the book for you.  Kennedy never thought much about supernatural possibilities, until her mother is murdered and Jared and Lukas break into her house in search of a demon.  Now the supernatural world has been thrown at her and she has no choice but to try and join the boys and the other members in the Legion of the Black Dove in hunting down the demon that killed her mother.  Each member seems to have a special gift that is unique to them, all except Kennedy.  She knows she wants to continue fighting, but is she a true member of the Legion?

I loved the Beautiful Creatures series and was excited to learn that the authors were each working on individual projects.  Garcia’s new series is fantastic.  I was surprised at how creepy she made the story and I was so intrigued by her demons hunters.   She keeps the story moving along and the reader engrossed in the plot.  The dynamic between the teens is great.  There is tension as everyone tries to work together and live together, but they all seem to  genuinely want to be friends.  I am really excited to keep going in the series.  I am hoping that Garcia continues to keep it dark, spooky and full of action.


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