Vanishing Girls

Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver is a fantastic read with layers of intrigue and suspense.  Driving home from a party one night Nick (Nicole) crashes her car leaving her sister, Dara, seriously injured and herself with amnesia.  On top of the horrendous accident Nick’s parents have decided to get a divorce and her sister refuses to speak once she is out of the hospital.  Needless to say, it feels like everything in her life is changing and not for the better.  Nick tries to move forward, but all she really wants is to get Dara to start talking to her and to remember what really happened that caused her to run off the road.  Towards the end of summer Dara goes missing and Nick knows that she is the only one who will be able to find her.

Oliver captures the complicated sister bond so well: love, loyalty, jealousy, admiration, competition, and anger.  Nick’s voice is authentic and real and before long you find yourself halfway through the book.  The underlying mystery around the car accident and then the disappearance of Dara really keeps you  immersed in the book .  You want to know what happened to Dara as much as Nick does and are as stunned to discover the truth as she is.  I was so SHOCKED and never saw it coming.  Yet there is so much more to this book than the mystery of that fateful night.  Nick has to work her way through her dysfunctional parent issues, her love issues, and then find a way to move forward.  This is a book you let linger a moment before you rush off to your next read.


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