Brownies and Broomsticks

Brownies and Broomsticks by Bailey Cates is the first book in the Magical Bakery Mystery series and it is a delightful beginning. Katie’s life has taken an unexpected turn, but hopefully it’s for the better. She has decided to partner up with her aunt and uncle and open a bakery in Savannah, Georgia. Now the bakery is coming along beautifully and she is sure it will be a success between her baking and her aunt’s helpful ingredient suggestions, although she does find it odd that her aunt keeps mumbling over the herbs. Days before the grand opening, the most cantankerous lady in Savannah is murdered right in front of the store. The worst part is that all eyes are looking at her uncle since he was the last person to speak to the victim. Before long, Katie finds herself frantically trying to find who the true murderer is all the while discovering more about her family’s magical heritage.

This is sure to be a fun series filled with magic, pastries, and the occasional murder. The characters are charming and you can feel the southern atmosphere. I also love that the witches have animal familiars. For some reason I always feel bad for a witch who doesn’t have a trusted critter companion. I am excited to get to know all of the other witches and see how Katie progresses with her new gift. Needless to say, I will be getting book two quite soon.


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