The Drafter

Kim Harrison’s latest novel The Drafter while being very different from her Hollows series still has her crazy suspenseful action and a fearless heroine who is ready to kick butt. Peri has the rare gift of being a drafter, someone who has the ability to change the existing timeline and create a new timeline. The only problem is that she doesn’t remember the original timeline or what changes she makes. In fact, she often loses more than just a few minutes of her memory. Thankfully, she has the help of her anchor Jack. He sees all of the changes she makes during a draft and can remind her of things in the past, as well as both the original and changed timeline. But what happens when you can no longer trust your anchor, the company you work for, or your own faulty memories? Thus begins the first book in the Peri Reed Chronicles.

I loved Harrison’s Hollow series and was worried that her science fiction detour wouldn’t have the same flare, but I was completely wrong. Peri is just as fierce as Rachel and is more than happy to take down a bad guy. I found the premise of this book to be quite interesting: time traveling with a terrible side effect of memory loss, how can you not want to read that? Often we (the reader) were just as confused as Peri. She is constantly questioning who to trust and trying to wade through all of the half truths she is told. Harrison does such a great job of developing her characters. I am really excited to see how the dynamics between everyone grows and changes in this series. Needless to say any Harrison fan or time traveling fan will enjoy her new novel.


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