Love Anthony

Lisa Genova’s newest novel Love Anthony is a poignant look at motherhood and love.  Beth’s life on Nantucket is fairly routine and average until she discovers that her husband has been having an affair.  Now everything has been turned upside down, leaving Beth confused, embarrassed, and disheartened.  She decides she needs to find the person she once was and has started writing again.  Olivia has had a challenging ten years.  Her son was diagnosis at the age of three with autism leaving him unable to speak, make eye contact, or have the  desire to be touched.  At the age of eight, after Olivia was finally coming to terms with her son’s prognosis  he passes away.  Grief stricken and estranged from her husband, Olivia escapes to Nantucket in hopes of working through her grief and learning why her son’s life was the way it was.

Genova has such a gift for taking emotional subjects and turning them into something positive.  I always pick her books up and think, okay how upsetting is this going to be?  By the time I finish I find myself not upset but hopeful that even the worst things can be good.  I was amazed at how well she was able to portray a parent of autism.  The emotional turmoil that Olivia went through was astounding.  You watched her celebrate her son and also feel resentment.  Genova captured the roller coaster ride of emotions that Olivia would go through on daily base perfectly.  I really liked the snippets of Beth’s book and wished we would have had more of her book.  Genova did such a great job of giving life to Beth’s book, and I always enjoy reading books within books.  The characters are easy to relate to and the story is so well written.  Genova fan’s and contemporary fiction readers are  sure to love this book.

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10  Love Anthony by Lisa Genova