Adrienne Stoltz and Ron Bass’s debut novel Lucid is a riveting tale of two girls who dream of each other’s lives.  Sloane is from a small town and is living a very traditional teenage life, with the exception that her best friend passed away a year ago.  Her family is very close, even though she doesn’t getting along with her mother.  Maggie, on the other hand, is a working teenage actress living in New York City.  Her mom tends to be too busy with work  to focus on her daughters, so Maggie is often left to raise herself and her little sister.  Each night the girls dream about the other girl’s life, down to the very last detail of their day.  Neither have felt that this is a problem, in fact they rather like their dream relationship.  However, they are starting to question what is real or if there is another explanation for their detailed dreams.

What an amazing read.  The end of the story was incredibly  gripping as the girls start to question their reality.  The sweet teen love story quickly turned into a psychological tale that leaves everyone wondering which reality is the true reality.  The characters  were fantastic.  I loved that Sloane and Maggie were so different from each other.  It was fun to read about their  lives and to get attached to them both.  Stoltz and Bass did a great job of showing how the girls’ outlook on their dreaming took on different meanings  as they started to grow-up and prepare for the next chapter in their lives.  Lucid is such a fresh new story that it instantly became a staff pick.

New Releases

Here are a few children and young adult releases for the week:

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The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan (book 3 in the  Heroes of Olympus series)

Lucid by Adrienne Stoltz

Poison Princess by Kresley Cole (First in the Arcana Chronicles)

Eve and Adam by Katherine Applegate and Michael Grantz

Summer and Bird by Katherine Catmull