Mind Over Murder

Clara Quinn moves back home to the coast of Maine once she realizes that New York City isn’t all that it is cracked up to be. It doesn’t take long for her cousin Stephanie to convince her to work for her at the Ravens Nest Bookstore, which admittedly isn’t exactly what she wants to do, but how do you say no to family. However, things are not so peaceful at the store. In fact, Clara discovers a body in the storage room of the bookstore. Now her crazy, but lovable cousin, has decided they need to uncover the murderer by using Clara’s Quinn Senses.This is a family psychic talent that allows Clara to hear voices that guide her to the truth But since she has blocked the Sense for so long, it is difficult to understand.

Mind over Murder by Allison Kingsley is a fun cozy mystery. The cousins are great characters and the small town vibe is great. Any book that takes place in a bookstore is a winner for me and this was no exception. I have already read the next two in the series. Paranormal and cozy, what more could someone want.