Age of Miracles

The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker is a dramatic dystopian novel.  Julia wakes up one morning to learn that the earth’s rotation has slowed down.  This means that the days and nights are longer, which effects  gravity and the overall landscape.  To make life even more complicated, Julia still has to cope with the dramas of her normal life.   Even though the entire  world is changing, the life she is leading with her family and friends still remains.

What a well done novel.  Thompson Walker did a fantastic job of making her readers think about how much we depend on our current environment.  She tackled a subject that I had never even considered being a possibility, but it quickly became plausible in my mind.  The main character Julia is a spunky and determine young girl which made her easy to like and relate too.  You could feel her desire to keep her life as normal as possible even though things like sleep and gravity were no longer the same.  This was an enjoyable read that left a lasting impression on me.