The Last Letter From Your Lover

JoJo Moyes The Last Letter From Your Lover was amazing!  I typically don’t read books set in the 1960’s but I decided to give this one a try, and I am so happy I did.  Jennifer Sterling wakes up in hospital with no memory of who she is or how she came to be injured.  She is soon released to go to a home she does not remember and live with a husband she does not know.  Deciding to get reacquainted with her old life, Jennifer starts to go through each room in hopes of sparking a memory.  Her memories are slow to resurface, but she does discover old love letters sent to her from a man who only goes by the letter “B”.  In 2003, Ellie also stumbles across mysterious love letters that she believes originated around the 1960’s.  Fueled by the beautiful words and incredible emotions being portrayed, she decides to track down the owner and find out what happened between the two.  Did they get their happily ever after?

Moyes wrote an incredible story.  Her language is so elegant and beautiful that I found it easy to get lost in the pages.  She portrayed the morals and culture of the time period perfectly.  I felt instantly transported back in time to a generation that views the world quite differently; women are only beginning to enter the working world and the thought of divorce is non-existent.   I really enjoyed the way Moyes told the story.  She started the book in the present time for Jennifer but would go back a few months to tell the reader the events leading up to the accident.  It was such a fun way to learn about this passionate love story.  I thought I would be annoyed when the time suddenly changes to 2003 and involves all new characters, but I was pleasantly surprised by how clever this technique was in  learning about what happened between Jennifer and Anthony.  This is a great love story with fantastic characters-perfect for any historical or contemporary fiction reader.