Wedding Night

I love Sophie Kinsella’s novels!  Her books are  always funny and filled with delightful mishaps.  Her latest paperback  Wedding Night is the story about a boy and a girl who  decide to get married immediately instead of dealing with their dysfunctional lives .  Of course their friends and family are completely against this rash decision and realize that it will never last.  I mean really, the two love birds haven’t seen each other in over 15 years. Now the rush begins as Fliss attempts to prevent her sister Lottie from having her wedding night so that she can still get an annulment.

This was such a fun read.  The entire time you are thinking, oh it can’t get any worse but of course it just keeps snowballing.  What I really liked about this book was that it was told from both sisters perspectives so that you could really see how every action effects everyone.  It was also a fun look at sisterly love  and all that goes along with trying to look out for each other.  As always, Kinsella created a charming and entertaining read.