Wings by Aprilynne Pike is an enchanting tale of becoming your true self, fighting for your family, and first love.  Laurel’s family has decided to embark on an adventure and have moved to a new town to open up a bookstore.  Things have definitely changed for Laurel and now she finds herself attending public school.  On the upside, she has made friends and her life is starting to return to a routine , until she wakes up with petals coming out of her back and learns that she is a faerie.  Needless to say, the semblance of a typical teenage girl is gone, and now Laurel finds herself in a fight to save her dad’s life and the faerie realm.

Pike’s fantasy novel was filled with new faerie myths and an engaging plot.  I was a bit leery to read a story where faeries are plants, but I found myself really liking this twist.  It made Laurel a much more interesting character and it was fun to explore all of her new abilities.  If you are at all a faerie fan, than this would be a perfect series to read.

Aprilynne Pike will be attending the Tucson Festival of Books March 10th and 11th.  Pike will be joining us at our booth (#129/#130) on Sunday at 12 PM to autograph her novels.  Be sure to stop down and meet her.