The Accident Season

Moira Fowley-Doyle’s debut novel The Accident Season is sure to be a must read YA novel. Every October Cara’s family lives through the accident season. This is a time when everyone in the family gets more bruises, scraps, and broken bones and this year is shaping up to be one of the worst. However, the accident season is not just physical pain but in fact goes much deeper.

Fowley-Doyle’s writing is so elegant that you are instantly caught up in her story. Her descriptions are vivid and imaginative. I love the dream world that Cara envisions around her and her friends, as well as the magical realism that she weaves throughout the novel. It was fun not knowing what was causing the accident season or if there even was a cause. I enjoyed the turn the book takes in the middle and I was surprised and satisfied with the ending. This is a book that will haunt you long after you are finished.

We Were Liars

E. Lockhart’s We Were Liars takes you on an unexpected journey as we try to piece together the summer of Cadence’s 16th year.  Full of twists and turns, this is a story that will have you as confused as the narrator and completely engrossed.

I loved this book!  It was wonderful trying to determine what happened that summer right along with Cady and then to be left just as flabbergasted as she is.  Lockhart’s writing is so beautiful, elegant and at times very poetic.  I have to confess that once I finished this book I was unable to read for a day – this is unheard of from me – but I had to let the story linger and percolate before I found closure to move on.  Although, I do already have plans to read it a second time, knowing what I know now.  This book will speak to not only young adult fans but also adults and book club readers.

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